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As a highly established company, we have numerous accreditations along with plenty of experience.


BFRC has been certifying kitchen appliances with their distinctive rainbow charts for years. With the government’s policy on ensuring that we use less energy as a nation, they have introduced this same BFRC rating on replacement.
The government’s requirement is that all replacement windows should have a BFRC rating of ‘C’ or above. At Yate Windows, we always endeavour to exceed government expectations – our casement windows have an ‘A-2’ rating as standard and we can also offer an ‘A-11’-rated window.
The rating procedure for windows has a complex calculation, taking into account glass U-value for insulation, air permeability, UPVC window components, and the solar gain possible through the window. Each year, we are inspected independently to ensure our continued compliance with BFRC requirements.
To obtain our ‘A’ rating, we use Planitherm Total+ as our insulating glass. This glass has a much clearer look than the insulating glass of the past. The aluminium spacer used in older windows that separates the 2 panes of glass has been a source of ‘cold bridging’. We now use the Edgetech™ Super Spacer that is 950 times less conductive than aluminium. We then fill the cavity with argon gas to give you a unit that helps to keep the heat in your home.

You can find our registration details on the BFRC web site.


This is a self-assessment organisation that was set up to ensure our compliance with building regulations. FENSA inspects our work regularly to ensure compliance with the relevant building regulations. We register all our installations with them and they will issue the householder with a certificate of compliance. FENSA then register the installation with the relevant local authority.

You can find our registration details on the FENSA web site.

IBG (Insurance-Backed Guarantee)

We use HomePro™ Insurance to provide you with this extra security as well as a 10-year guarantee on replacement windows and doors. To give you complete piece of mind, we also give you an IBG that covers you in the unlikely event that we cease trading. The deposit is also covered if we cease trading before installing your work.

You can find more details on the Home Pro web site.

CE Mark

From the 1st July 2013, all windows and doors sold should be CE-certified and full details should be made available upon request. Please fill free to view the documents below that forms the basis of the CE certification. DOP (the Declaration of Performance) certificate allows you, the consumer, to identify that your windows and doors comply with the European Standard ‘CE’ marking. It also allows full traceability of products supplied right from manufacture to installation.
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