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Building Regulations

When replacing your windows and doors, there are some parts of the building regulations that apply. At Yate Windows, we can ensure that your new windows and doors comply with all the following regulations below. The regulations require that your new window designs are no less compliant than your old ones.

Safety Glass

When installing replacement windows and doors, the regulation on safety glass is mandatory. All doors require safety glass as does an area 300mm around the doors and also any glass that is within 800mm of the floor level.

Fire Escapes

All bedroom windows upstairs should have a window with a 450mm clear opening and at least an area of .33m2 . Our egress easy clean hinges can provide maximum opening whilst making cleaning of your new windows easy to do.

Building Work and Lintels

If you are doing any work that involves moving or changing a lintel, removing or building walls then this should be inspected by a local authority building inspector.

Energy efficiency

When it comes to energy efficiency, all windows must have a BFRC rating of ‘C’ or above. All our casement windows have an “A” rating on the BFRC scale.


Rapid ventilation is provided by opening sashes and should have an area equivalent of 1/20th of the floor area of the room. Background ventilation is provided by trickle vents in the top of the window. If your existing windows have trickle vents then they should also be put into your new windows.
Contact us at Yate Windows, Bristol, to learn more about the relevant building regulations.
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