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Detailed Porch Designs that Feature Quality UPVC Materials in Yate, Bristol

Every home has its own character and style, so all of our porches are individually designed and made to measure. This way, you are able to create the perfect stylish entrance for your home. You will also benefit from the extra space inside your home while keeping it safe from the outdoor elements. At Yate Windows in Yate, Bristol, we specialise in beautiful porch designs including a variety of UPVC porches.

Custom Design

Whatever your home needs, our team of professionals take care of every aspect of the work for you. From brickwork and door fittings to window, roof, and panel installations, we ensure that your porch offers a beautiful sight to all of your neighbours and any passers-by.

Multiple Styles

Porches are able to be built in many different styles. Creating a ‘mini-conservatory’ style with glass or polycarbonate will suit some house whilst using a GRP roof will give a very modern feel. This new, modern look is achieved by using a GRP solid roof with integral guttering and a choice of dental moulded sides. We can also construct the porch roof in the traditional style by using roof tiles.

Important Details

The side walls of the porch can be solid walls or UPVC frames and doors. As all walls are insulated, we do recommend face brick for the final touch. The UPVC frames and doors are selected from our ‘A-rated’ window range. You can also choose from a vast selection of beautiful frames.
Porches less than 3 square metres can be built without planning permission, as long as the height does not exceed 3 metres. It also should be further than 2 metres from the highway.
Contact us at Yate Windows, Bristol, to find out more about detailed porch designs as well as features of UPVC porches.
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