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Find the Perfect Style of Conservatory including Lean-To and Edwardian Options in Yate, Bristol

Select from a variety of styles to obtain a conservatory that suits your individual preference. With choices such as lean-to or Edwardian conservatories, you are able to delight in an extension that is stylish yet practical at the same time. The team at Yate Windows in Yate, Bristol, is ready to assist you when you are thinking about extending your home.


If it’s a maximum return on space you are looking for, a lean-to conservatory from our company is the solution. This simple design proves popular with numerous customers as its practical footprint offers an excellent use of space.

With a variety of build options available, from dwarf walls or high walls through to UPVC frames down to the floor level, our surveyor will discuss all of these with you.The construction of the lean-to conservatory can be applied to most house shapes and can even be built around corners to make the best use of space you have available.


If you have a period property, or would simply like to bring some Edwardian style to your home, this type of conservatory is ideal. These conservatories are normally built around a square or rectangular footprint and can be glazed from the roof to the floor, providing maximum natural light as well as a greater sense of feeling closer to the outdoors.
The Edwardian conservatory from Yate Windows is the most sought-after design, with the sloping sides of the roof offering the impression of increased light and space.


This timeless classic from Yate Windows is a Victorian-designed conservatory that incorporates a multi-facet end of 3 or 5 segments. This design has proved popular for years with customers who are looking for a conservatory to add a touch of elegance to their home.

Customised Options

You can truly customise your conservatory from Yate Windows with an extensive range of frame and door options that complement your home. We can even accessorise with colour-leaded fan lights around the top of the frames for a real impact.


For optimum natural light, the Gable front conservatory really gives the illusion of space, even if you are looking to install a small conservatory. Incorporating a large gable frame and high ceiling, this conservatory can be glazed right down to floor level, bringing you closer to the outside world. When planning your conservatory, our consultant will discuss all elements of the design with you. Our sunburst design, which ‘resembles the rising sun’, is truly favoured by many and adds a hint of sophistication.


With a P-shaped conservatory, it can be designed using either a lean- to, Edwardian, Victorian, or Gable style, providing you with a large room that is guaranteed to add maximum living space. Due to its P-shape design, the room can be split to incorporate both a sitting room and dining room.
Contact us at Yate Windows, Bristol, to discover more about different types of extensions such as lean-to and Edwardian conservatories.
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