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Variety of Casement Windows in Numerous Styles from Yate, Bristol

Achieve efficiency as well as style in your home with our casement windows. At Yate Windows in Yate, Bristol, we provide various window styles, including casement options that are popular for replacement work and available in multiple styles and colours.

Secure and Versatile

In the UK, casement windows are still the most popular style. UPVC is the ideal material to select when replacing your windows, as it offers great security. The Liniar profile system is modern, up-to-date, and stylish, providing a window for your home that is elegant, secure, and also energy-efficient. Click here to download our brochure.
This versatile product can be manufactured in many different shapes and designs to fit your home’s aesthetic perfectly. With 2 different-sized outer frames, 3 different transom sizes, and 2 opening sashes to choose from, you can obtain the products that you desire.


The profile is 70mm front to back, which is the ideal width that suits most houses in the South Gloucestershire area. The UPVC profile is 100% lead-free and has been designed with energy efficiency in mind, achieving a ‘A-rated’ window on the BFRC scale.


Two styles of openings are available: top-hung and side-hung. Having a small top-hung opening is perfect to achieve those small amounts of ventilation, especially in the bedroom on an evening. Side-hung windows are ideal for hot days and also for meeting the regulations on fire escapes on upstairs windows. The secure locking mechanism allows the windows to be locked slightly open for small amounts of ventilation.
Contact us at Yate Windows, Bristol, to learn more about a wide selection of casement windows and styles.
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