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Superior Double-Glazed Units that Feature Beautiful Decorative Glass from Yate, Bristol

Glass is the largest component of your window and plays a vital part in keeping your home warm. By selecting each part of the double-glazed unit carefully, we have been able to obtain an ‘A+11’ rating on our windows (we fit ‘A2’ as standard.) At Yate Windows in Yate, Bristol, we specialise in manufacturing and supplying decorative glass of the highest quality. While the correct glass helps to keep you warm, choosing to add decorative glass can enhance the look of any window.

Insulated and Contemporary

You can choose from the following:
  • Square Lead
  • Obscure (download brochure here)
  • Lattice (Diamond) Lead
  • Coloured Stained Glass Effect (download brochure here)
  • Clear or Coloured Bevels (download brochure here)
  • Georgian Bar Inserts (Available in 18 or 25mm in White, Rosewood, or Golden Oak and 45mm in White Only)

Toughened Safety Glass

At Yate Windows, we can also replicate any of your existing stained glass window designs. The double-glazed units are made to the following standard BS EN 1279 Part 2-3 with toughened safety glass of BS EN 1215. Condensation can occur at any time and in varying circumstances. Modern ‘A-rated’ windows usually reduce condensation inside the house to a minimal amount.
However, if you have a lot of water vapour within the house, you can still suffer from condensation on your windows. With the thermal efficiency of the ‘A-rated’ window, a new problem arises, as condensation can appear on the outside of the glass in certain weather conditions. While this may be annoying, it does mean that the glass is doing its job.
Contact us at Yate Windows, Bristol, for more information about our double-glazed units and decorative glass.
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